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Thunder TV is a streaming service that provides live television programming to your phone, tablet, or computer for an average cost of $9.99/month. It offers over 30 channels including Disney, FOX News, and HBO, and the ability to add on packages for additional sports or premium channels like STARZ and SHOWTIME. With Thunder TV you can watch live TV on your favorite devices while traveling (without paying ridiculous rates for international roaming). All without sacrificing picture quality or having to worry about data charges.

Thunder TV is a great alternative to traditional cable television. As technology has advanced, traditional cable has become less of a necessity for many people. This coupled with the ever-increasing costs of cable boxes and unnecessary equipment rental fees, makes cable an expensive choice. This is especially true when you consider that many premium channels like HBO and STARZ are also available as streaming services that can be accessed without additional equipment or cost.

Thunder TV allows you to stream 10 of the most popular live channels, all in HD, for just $2.99 per month. The channels include NBC, ABC, and Fox. If you are looking for a good way to keep up with your favorite shows without paying the high rates of cable or satellite providers as a customer then look no further than Thunder TV’s low-cost streaming app. Add on HBO and Netflix for an extra $3 each month and enjoy hours of entertainment content while saving money at the same time! The article will cover how to install it on both Android as well as iPhone devices. It will also cover what channels are available such as ABC, NBC, and FOX.

First, we need to download the apk onto our device and install it from there. The free version has a limited number of shows but if you want to pay for the premium service they offer then you will need to purchase the $5.99/month plan.

You can get access to most of these channels using your Android device by following these steps:

  1. Open your app on your phone and go to settings, scroll down until you find media apps, click on that one and then scroll down until you find Thunder TV apk
  2. Make sure the channel selection is on and choose your favorite weather wallpaper.
  3. When you are set, click on the default remote control image to start surfing all of the channels!

For iPhone users follow these steps:

  1. Open the App Store and search for Thunder TV (iTunes Store)
  2. Download and install the app from there only if you bought it from there in which case you will already have purchased an ‘unlock’ code.
  3. Open the app and say you want to buy a subscription. You will then be sent to a screen where you must type in a code from inside the app
  4. Once that is done, the subscription will be unlocked so you can start using the app!

The ad-free version will cost you $5.99/month to use and that is what this article will focus on. It is an easy app to use and the streaming video quality is excellent! The app has been updated just last month so you can be assured that it is a new and fresh way of watching free television without the hassle of satellite or cable. The channels available include ABC, NBC, Fox as well as HBO which can be added on for an extra fee.

I’ve used Thunder TV for the past 2 months and I have been impressed by the quality of their service as well as the streaming speed of their app on my iPhone 7 (which has connection issues with most other services).

Is Thunder TV Legal?

Broadcasting television over the internet is perfectly legal in the United States. Companies like Thunder TV and Sling TV use streaming services to send their content to viewers, similar to how HBO & Netflix use streaming services for their programs.

Anyone with a device that is capable of receiving an internet signal and a service like Thunder TV can watch popular television channels such as ESPN, FOX News, HBO, NBCSN, SyFy, and many more without cable or satellite. You don’t need a cable or satellite subscription package to watch channels like this through services like Thunder TV.

Because of that, these companies are able to deliver popular channels to people who don’t have cable or satellite, and they can sell their cable and satellite subscriptions at a loss. They do this because television is successful in every market in the U.S., and they have a substantial profit margin.

With that said, there still may be complaints from the public about the legality of receiving television over the internet with services like Thunder TV or Sling TV. This is unlikely to become an issue, especially since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted permission for these companies to transmit television content without requiring government permission.

Thunder TV is a great way to watch a lot of different programs. The website has grown substantially in popularity since the day it launched. It offers live television channels and recorded content, as well as original programming that viewers can watch at their leisure.

Even better, there is no installation or monthly fee to use it. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or mobile device, then you are all set to start watching your favorite shows live without cable! The company is dedicated to working on improving the service as much as possible so that viewers can have the best experience possible. It is a great alternative to satellite or cable. Services like Sling TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix also provide content that is streamed over the internet legally. These services are becoming increasingly popular as more people cut the cord.

People who are fed up with paying a large amount of money for channels they don’t watch are turning to services like Thunder TV as an alternative. It can save them hundreds of dollars per month by just switching from cable or satellite providers to these companies. Watching live TV over the internet is perfectly legal and available to anyone in the United States that has an internet connection. Thunder TV is currently available on all Apple and Android devices and They offer a free 7-day trial, so why not give it a try?

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