About Us

I am KING PLORE, and I have 6 years of experience in the software industry. Actually, I have done a good study of software in these 6 years, and we have got good solutions to many problems.

So I gathered my experience and started this blog. Our blog provides solutions to APK, software, and other technical issues. Of course, we have paid more attention to provide information about APK or apps.

Many people in the world fall prey to scam APK. So the scam app will steal their personal information and money. We disapprove of such scam APK, and we will research the app and inform you.

So our articles will give you new APK types, good and bad of APK, the pros and cons of the app, how to get rid of scam APK, and new updates to the APK. You can send us your questions about APK. We will give you the information you need by email or letter.